Mapping System Help

Support Browsers

To get the best experience from using this map system we recommend using Internet Explorer 10+. The maps have been verified as working in the following browsers.

Desktop Mobile
Internet Explorer - Version 10+ Windows Phone
Firefox Firefox Mobile
Chrome Android 3+
Safari IPhone 6+
Interacting with the Map
  • Searching for an address :-
    1. Type an address or postcode into the search box above the map
    2. Press the enter/return key on your keyboard or click the Search for Address button to start your search
    3. Choose an address from list that appears by clicking once with your left mouse button
    4. The address list will close and the map will zoom to the address chosen
  • Zoom in and out of the map via the following methods :-
    • Scroll mouse wheel up and down whilst your mouse is over the map window.
    • Click on the plus and minus icons on the map tool on the left side of map, you can also drag the slider up and down.
    • Double click inside the map window to zoom in 1 zoom level.
    • Hold down the shift key and left mouse button together and drag a box inside the map. When you release the mouse button the map will zoom to the box extents.
  • Moving the map view port can be achieved by :-.
    • Holding down your left mouse button inside the map window then moving your mouse, the map will move with your mouse. Release the left mouse button to stop moving the map.
    • Using the arrow keys on your keyboard will move up,down,left.right
    • Click on the four direction arrows on the map pan tool in the top left corner of the map.
  • Turn map layers on and off via :-
    • Click the blue all layers button at the bottom right of the map window to turn all layers on/off with one click.
    • Click the layer control button (top right) to selectively turn individual layers on and off.
  • You can get additional information from layers visible on the map by left clicking on any map feature. A popup will appear with information related to the point clicked. You can close this popup by clicking the red X in the top right of the popup

Problem - Page loads but there is no map or map area is white

Solution - If using Internet Explorer, check that compatibilty mode is not turned on

Problem - I entered an address/postcode but the popup window is empty or does not have the address I am looking for

Solution - Re enter the address or postcode again checking that it is correct, for best results use the format "House No, Street, Postcode"

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